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"I reached out to Kimberly McKay after two months of physical therapy for a serious back issue - L5S1 rupture with spinal fluid leakage that was 250% above normal. I was in agony and knew that body work was needed to help me manage the recovery pain and help with the healing process. Massage has been a part of my life for over 30 years and I was eager to find a local practitioner who would come into my home, and who I felt comfortable enough to have in my home. In walked Kimberly; she immediately had a calming presence and I was put at ease. We talked about my health and goals for recovery and got to work. I had a 90 minutes session and she carefully and methodically went through areas of concern, checking in on pressure and explaining what she was “seeing” and feeling in regards to muscle issues. She is very technical, yet explains everything in a way that is understandable. She provided the perfect pressure and has the expertise to understand the mechanics of the body and associated issues, and will work to solve them for long term healing. I have been working with Kimberly for over two months and my fiance is now also working with her. We each have a weekly 90 minute massage and are confident that she is helping us with long standing back, hip and leg issues. My recovery is going quicker than my doctor anticipated, and I can confidently say it’s because of Kimberly. I cannot recommend her highly enough - massage for the pure enjoyment of it or because you have health or mobility issues and want a solution that will have you feeling good/healthy for the long term."
B. B. & R. B., Aptos/Seascape, CA 

“Kimberly McKay is one of the best massage therapist I have had the privilege of experiencing and knowing. Her professionalism and expertise bring great comfort and healing. She is thorough and friendly and very clear in her communication. It is my pleasure to recommend Kimberly to any and all in need of therapeutic massage. I am nurtured and grateful in her healing hands.“
G. K., Santa Cruz, CA

"Kimberly McKay is amazing! I have had many massages, and of all the therapists I've experienced, Kimberly is the most intuitive. She has very strong hands, but has a gentle touch! I highly recommend Kimberly!"
J.S., Santa Cruz, CA 

"Kimberly McKay is a very talented massage therapist. I have gone to her for many years. She knows how to listen and incorporate the information the client tells her in to each session. Her knowledge of other healing modalities is an excellent benefit to the client as well. Essential oils used with massage is an extra boost of healing power. Kimberly's knowledge goes way beyond massage, she is a total body healer and also provides excellent advice on nutrition and exercises to keep a body well balanced. I highly recommend her. She is also punctual which is important in my opinion."
S.B., Scotts Valley, CA 

“I have experienced other massage therapists, and have enjoyed them, but it was not until I met Kimberly that I truly understood how much healing could happen! I had a very painful rotator cuff issue. But when I combined her massage with my Chiropractor visits, pretty much all of the pain went away! Kimberly does not waste time "refilling" the oils she uses for the massage; she wears a belt around her waist so they are readily available. I appreciate that Kimberly makes the most of the time I invest with her; and her in depth knowledge of the body.”
P.C., Santa Cruz, CA

“I have had the great fortune and pleasure of working with Kimberly McKay, CMT for over a decade. In my 27 years of practice Kimberly is the most knowledgeable and professional massage therapist I’ve ever worked with. She is an expert in relaxation, sports injuries, as well as healing those with traumatic injury. She is unique in that she brings a multitude of different techniques to the table. This allows her to precisely address a patient’s needs and return them to their optimum health as soon as possible.”
James M. Cartwright, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.
Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, Cartwright Wellness Center, Santa Cruz, CA

“I met Kimberly through my long time chiropractor. She provided massage therapy for injuries sustained when I was rear-ended in a car accident (totaled my car). Between the two providers, I was healed and pain free within months!  When I injured my arm in the backyard being a ‘weekend warrior’, I once again turned to Kimberly for massage therapy and relief.  I have learned to never skip therapy with such a great practitioner.  My husband and I also eagerly look forward to our total body massage appointments, as she is able to release stress and tension for hard working people! I highly recommend her as a massage therapist. Two thumbs up!”
K.T., Monterey, CA

“I’ve enjoyed many massages by Kimberly over the last couple of years. She’s seen me through various injuries and maladies, working with my other care providers to tailor the massage to my needs, using a combination of trigger point and deep tissue massage. Kimberly always attends to my comfort and responds to any request to focus on a specific area. She has always been on time and accommodating in scheduling appointments. I consider massage to be essential to my body’s functioning, and highly recommend Kimberly for massage therapy.”
P.N., Bonny Doon, CA

“I had been experiencing sciatic pain in my back and legs that was unbearable at times and I was considering surgery. Luckily, I found Kimberly McKay. Kimberly is an amazing massage therapist. She has an uncanny understanding of physiology, and she put her expertise to work to alleviate my pain. She also gave me exercises and stretches I could do at home to help reduce inflammation and create better alignment. I am now almost pain free, and am taking much better care of myself. I highly recommend Kimberly McKay!”
C.L., Santa Cruz, CA


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